Our Expertise

We at th1ng have a 10 year history of working in the Health and Wellness arena. We shoot live action and create animation for commercials and content. We very much enjoy the highly creative work that we do in this area. We have a specialized team of Producers who alongside our prestigious roster of Directors and Designers handle our Health and Wellness work from start to finish, liaising closely with our clients throughout the process.

Our Character Development

We have created many animated characters and styles to represent brands including Abilify, Jublia, Intermezzo, Bonjela and many others.

From Commercial to Content and Beyond

Our work for both over-the-counter and prescription brands covers all forms of communication, including: commercials, online, patient / doctor content and waiting room communication. We also understand how to incorporate print needs alongside our moving visual production and how to integrate all our client’s needs smoothly during the production process.

Expert Knowledge of the Process

We understand the approval processes for the Agency and the regulatory bodies both in the US and UK. We help guide the production through these approvals from concept to finished work.

Ask For Our Reels For Your Specific Needs

As Health and Wellness can be a sensitive area for our clients we are unable to show all the work that we create on this site. But we can send you private links if you ask us. Just let us know the kind of work you are looking for and whether it’s live action or animation and we will be pleased to send you a digital reel:

Our Clients

Our many clients in the UK and US include: Ogilvy Health (US and UK), Digitas Health (New York) Langland (UK), Abelson Taylor (Chicago), Harrison and Star (New York) and many more.